7 Buying a Car Tips

7 Buying a Car Tips

Don’t be afraid to haggle.  I have 7 buying a car tips that will help you to gain the upper hand when you go to purchase your next car.  Car dealerships want to take your money and you do NOT have to give it all away!  Buy a car on YOUR terms.

Leasing a car will lose you money — There are very few scenarios where leasing a car makes sense.  however, car salesman will try and persuade you to lease a car with low monthly payments.  Do not fall for this trick.

Don’t pay the doc fee — If they tell you that you must pay the doc fee, wait until the very end when you’re about to sign, and then tell them that you want them to take off the fee or you will walk!  Be prepared to walk!

Don’t let them switch cars on you — A great trick is to try and get you into a different car than the one you came to look at.  Why?  Because they know you did the research on the car you came to the lot for.  Don’t let them switch cars on you, or you’ll lose money and still not be in the car you wanted!

You don’t have to finance with the dealership.  Shop around for the best deal.  It may be time-consuming but it can save you money.

Don’t play the trade-in game.  Don’t try and hold the trade until the very end.  They know it’s coming and are prepared for it.

Don’t make friends.  The salesman might like the same football team that you do, might have sweet kids in his photo and might tell funny jokes.  But he is also going to take your money.  Don’t let yourself get befriended by people you will never see again.  Be all business.

Don’t buy on the first trip.  This is a fundamental rule.  If you think you have a great deal, go home and research it.  you can always buy the next day.

These buying a car tips will help you to gain the upper hand the next time you are at the car dealership.

But there are many other tricks up their sleeves. Some car buyers are so afraid of haggling that they will go to “no-haggle” car lots and lose thousands and thousands of dollars buying ridiculously over-priced cars!

What you must remember is that used and new car managers and salesman are constantly coming up with more ways to get more money out of you.

In this struggling economy, they are selling less cars and are desperate. But this means that they are going to try and get the most out of every single customer! Be sure, that right now car lots are pulling out every trick in the book to get you in a new car at a price you shouldn’t be paying.

Fortunately, I have a website that is going to help you get through this and learn buying a car tips. Inside are tips, strategies and inside information straight from the mouth of car dealership insiders. You’ll learn the tricks of the trade, and you’ll be able to save yourself thousands of dollars every time you go to the dealership! Visit me at [http://www.carnegotiator.info] today!

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