Can’t Engage Gear

Have you ever been in a situation when you’ve park your car for about more than a month and when the time come you need to drive it. All of the sudden the gear won’t engage during engine is running and you already pedal the clutch? Well, you are not alone. The most important thing, don’t panic. It could be you are in two situation:

  1. Your manual gearbox fail to work or maybe something wrong inside your gearbox.
  2. Your clutch jammed.
Clutch System
Cleaning Clutch System

Last few days, we’ve been working on a Station Wagon that has been park for quiet sometimes now. We remembered that the original gearbox was removed from the engine, thus exposing the Flywheel and the Clutch Cover. Dust and rain really love the exposed metal on the clutch plate making the rust grow like a mushroom ūüôā

The wagon need to be drive off and for that we’ve assemble back the stock 4-speed gearbox. After a¬†grueling 2 days work with dust and mud (raining season) we manage to hook up the gearbox in. Take the stand out, crank the engine and was ready to a spin test when all of sudden shifting or engaging a gear seems impossible. The¬†clutch¬†pedal¬†already at it’s peak, still the gear won’t engage. Switch off the engine, engage the gear.. it works!¬† That’s weird.

As to our initial thought, it’s seems like the clutch bearing does not doing it’s job, freeing the¬†clutch¬†plate from the flywheel.

Clutch Bearing
Clutch Bearing

No choice and we have to remove and take out the gearbox again from the car for further checking and inspection.

Seems everything are normal and the clutch bearing does not slip out from the sleeve. We also found out that the clutch level was working properly pushing the bearing out and it does sit nicely on it’s axis ball.

We move on to further checking onto the clutch plate and the clutch housing it self that still stick to the engine flywheel. We found out that the clutch plate were jammed at the flywheel that we have to use hammer to take it out. Gosh! this is the culprit!

Clutch Jammed
Clutch Jammed

Once the symptom has been detect, we move on to go ahead and service the clutch plate. Give it some sand paper to clear up the rusted parts. Sanding off the clutch pressure plate and assemble the whole thing back again.



And now it’s working perfectly ūüôā

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