Cheap Brake Piston Clamp

Any auto mechanic have been in situation where we need to clamp that stubborn brake caliper piston back into its sleeve and end up stranded without a proper tools. It can be a bit tricky to press back in the piston into the sleeve especially with one that have corroded wall. Definitely a proper tools are needed to do the job. But what to do if we are in emergency time and have no access to that particular tools?

You can have a multi variants on brake piston clamp available on market shelf. From small to big, from manual to auto working condition, you name it.



front caliper piston reset

Desperate moment need a desperate measure to solve the problem. We never thought that the below tools can be very useful in time of needed. So, in case your having difficulties on getting the proper tools, might as well one prepare the glue press tool as standby.


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