Datsun Hard Suspension

We’ve posted earlier about Panjang’s KE70 Blackbell getting that low ride job. And now, it’s time for a Datsun class to have the same low and with more stiffen ride.

The owner, Apiz Woo ┬ádecided that it’s time for his Dat’s Ride to get more stiffen and more low suits with the wheel 9JJ at the rear and 8jj at the Front. Currently he’s using a 1Ton Isuzu absorber for the rear combined with the Honda coil spring. For the Front, he’s using the standard Datsun configuration with a slight cut off onto the coil spring.

So, we off to the front suspension setup where we add in the more stiffen coil spring taken out from Volvo 240, cut it off a bit and viola! One thing need to considered, the Datsun front coil spring Bowl are a bit small compared to the Volvo 240 Coil Spring diameter. In order to fit it in, a proper cut off need to be taken into measure.

Camera 360
Small Coil Spring “Bowl” on Datsun
Camera 360
Top: Volvo 240 Coil Spring. Below: Datsun stock coil spring

For the rear setup, the owner want to rise a bit the ride. As for that, we add in the rubber plat for the coil spring taken from Proton Wira model.


Took almost half of the day work in order to achieve what the owner want and once and for all, the owner Apiz Woo went back with a big smile on his face :D.

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