Dins’ 620 Pickup

Highlight for this post is regarding the Dins’ Pickup restoration. From the standard Datsun 620 Pickup, he’s transforming it into something that have a modern touch.

The slow progress is due to Din is working a double job. During day time, he’s been busy with selling stall and at night, another time goes by at the night market. A slow but steady pace progress does not stop him from pursuing the restoration of his beloved pickup.



The restoration has been carried out with all in details from the bodyworks, interior cushioning, electrical wiring, engine restoration with most of the parts are brand new, and even the under-carriage were not left behind.

Lot’s of love and passion has been pour down to this beloved pickup of Din. We couldn’t say much on how it would cost but we love to share Din’s photo of the restoration process for his Datsun 620 Pickup.


Check out Din’s Facebook page for more of his Datsun 620 Pickup. https://www.facebook.com/mohd.khairuddin.790?fref=ufi

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