Fixing Fender Mirror

Fender mirror definitively a must have item for olskool lover and want their ride to look as close as possible to JDM (Japan Domestic market) spec. Lot’s of fender mirror variants and model were being produce in the 80’s era and it’s quiet rare finding nowadays to have a pair set of it. Unless you are OK with the repro version of it.

Maintaining an original fender mirror, especially the chrome  type might be tedious and sometimes were left neglected by owner himself. When this happen, the fender mirror will become less function and the parts will loosen over time.

If you want one for your self, you can have it via multiple website that selling it off around RM200 such as PROS, ebay, and vautop.


In our case, we have a pair of Mini Bullet Style fender mirror belongs to En. Amey, proud owner of Mitsubishi GTO, having a cracked and loose parts of his fender mirrors. The frontal cone and the mirror inside housing are falling off. It’s time to do some minor repairing on the mirror now.

The Process

Fender Mirror repair

We’ll be using a locally available clear rubber tubing pipes, cost around RM5 for one feet, a clear type rubber silicon glue, and a little bit of creative mind at hand.

Clear Type rubber silicon glue
Clear Type rubber silicon glue

Cut the clear tubing according to the rounding shape of the mirror housing and glue the joining together. We have inserted the mirror earlier before gluing. Found out the mirror sits properly inside it’s cone.

It’s done and we have restored En. Amey Bullet Type Fender Mirror. Viola!


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