Get it Low with Panjang’s DX

Panjang and his beloved KE70 DX Blackbell drove in with his ride being high above the ground. Apart Panjang himself quiet a tall person, riding those ride kinda awkward to me. Definitely he need more lowered cushion and extra low seat for at least his driver side. 

Since budget is everything, he’d prefer to lowered his ride first..with Pomen Yala style!

Front - Before
Front – Before
Rear - Before
Rear – Before

For this lowering setup, we are using 2 pair of coil spring taken out from Volvo 240 model. Cut it off to the desired height and combined it with the right absorber set that fit with owner taste. In this post, Pajang want his ride to be low, stiff and yet still comfortable to be driven daily.

2 pair of Volvo 240 Coil Spring
APM 1 tonne for rear and KYB Short Stroke for the front

[blockquote]Some mechanic using a different way of lowering their KE70 ride. With the 2 pcs of Volvo 240 coil spring split by half and enough to be inserted to all wheels.. To us, it’s best to get a 4 pcs of that coil spring whereby each were sliced up according to desired height. It is safer that way thus getting the correct height.[/blockquote]

A TIPS: For the front absober catridge, KE70 DX model a bit smaller compared to KE70 GL. Thus, using the bigger coil spring such as taken from Volvo 240 might be a bit tricky to fit inside the smaller coil spring bowl in KE70 DX. To make it possible, cutting the correct head on the coil spring is essential in order to make sure the coil spring sit properly in the spring bowl.


Smaller Spring Bowl on KE70 DX
End-tip of the Volvo 240 Coil Spring need to be properly cut to make it align with the smaller bowl.

Since we are using the Short Stroke for the Front Absorber setup, a bit of help require to sustained the cartridge height and in order to tighten the absorber in place. This handy little fella can be bought from your local hardware shop.

Height Adjuster

That’s wrap our project for Panjang’s KE70 DX Blackbell. Seems our friend here are happy with the ride :), his next project would be the front lips and fender mirror.. or maybe change to a much lower front seat..






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