Is Weber Suits My Car?

Weber are well known worldwide for it’s best tuning carburetor ever made. The inventor of the carbs, Mr Weber himself didn’t intend to focusing only one type instead he’s making it for a wide variety of engine needs.

Weber is an Italian company which produced carburetors; it is owned by Magneti Marelli Powertrain S.p.A., which is in turn part of the Fiat Group. Carburetor production in Italy ended in 1992, although Weber carburetor production was shifted to Madrid, Spain, where it continues today.

It is not easy to organize Webers into neat families for two reasons. In the first place, Weber did not set out to construct a tight little family of carbs. He was interested in building carbs that best matched the current need. As a result, there was never an overall scheme of things. Secondly, he named carbs in his native Italian. So if you are unfamiliar with words like doppio, corpo or orizzontale, weber terminology can be confusing.


To further muddle the issue, Weber typically created different model numbers whenever he could. He would give carbs unique names even though they differed only in jetting or some similarly indistinguishable feature. Thus, a DCN fitted to a Lamborghini was a DCNL. If fitted to a Ferrari, the same carb became a DCNF! Another twist is represented by the IDA carb. It may have either two or three throats, yet the same identification letter. While it would be helpful to have a neat chart of Weber terms, its simply impossible. Nevertheless, as chaotic as the terms are, there are some common threads in how Weber named his models.

OER Weber
O.E.R. DCOE 40mm, 45mm & 47mm
The alternative for a great Performance leader. Look close, it’s not a Weber,
it’s an O.E.R.

The O.E.R by REDLINE offer high performance, quality carburetors are direct replacements for the Solex – Mikuni or Weber side draft carburetors and features the use of all Weber tuning components including main jets, emulsion tubes, air jets, idle jets, pump jets and ventures. Tuners will be able to use their existing Weber parts and accessories to calibrate their carburetors to meet exacting performance requirements.

To us, Weber is the best carburetor ever made with it’s fuel system does improve in fuel efficiency and in the same time provide the bursting power ever dream by car engine. However, a word of wisdom, do select your weber type wisely as not every weber works like charm out of the box for every engine. It need to be tuned!

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