Jibam, The Corolla Wagon

Being previously slammed to 3 inch lowered block, Jibam The Wagon are now back with another setup to overcome the tire hitting the inside fender inner. With the current setup, it can’t afford to carry heavy load and causing the tires especially the rear one to severely biting with fenders.

I come up with an idea of overcome it with fender flares. Cut out all of the original corolla fender, and then stick in the custom made fiber fender flares that I bought locally. Viola! Not only I managed to sort out the rubbing of the tires, I even add an extra fiercely looks of my Jibam.

Corolla Wagon
The current wheels setup are: 15′ 9JJ all round ET10 and the tires is 190/55/15
Corolla Wagon
Front Fender – without any rolling up..just yet.
Corolla Wagon
I later flip out the inner clamp of the fenders’ and make it extruding outside to give more clearance.
Corolla Fender
It still rubbing in the inner side of it.
Fender Flares
Its now time for the Custom Made Fiber Fender Flares to give in.
Fender Flares
Some trimming needed.
Wheel Spacer
Add another 1′ wheel spacer to make the rear wheel align properly with the front.
Rota Wheels
Cut out some of the fender lips to give way for extrude wheels and make way for more slammed.

Corolla Wagon KE70

Corolla Wagon KE70

Corolla Wagon KE70

Viola! I get what I want. The slammed ride on my wagon and yet it still ride-able with what ever load you put up at the back of it. Just be sure you measure it accordingly and compensate with your rear suspension setup.

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