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KE36 Tudor in The Making

After been in body works for almost half a year, The KE36 Tudor belong to Aboyz has finally arrived at Pomen Yala. A long awaited come back from wreck to glittering model in it’s class, the Tudor Wagon were safely drove off from Kedah to Damansara. A journey usually take place around 4 to 5 hours on highway has caused his owner 24 hours drive due to engine problem from start to finish.

Safely arrived, Aboyz decide to start replenish the front suspension system as the old bushing and metal has worn out in ages. The initial progress kick off with RM400++ buying a new set of lower arm bushing, caster arm bushing, tie-rod end, main King Ping.

Toyota Corolla KE36 Tudor


Toyota Corolla KE36 Tudor

Toyota Corolla KE36 Tudor

Front Suspension Set

Fuel Tank Leakage

From Kedah to Damansara, a journey usually takes 4~5hours has begun for almost 12 hours drive due to the car suddenly stop running. Found out that the corrosive metal particles were clogging the carburator. Since there is no fuel filter, the carb need to be service each time the car dies on the way to Pomen Yala. The Culprit: Corroded Fuel Tank.

Assemble out the fuel tank from the wagon and get on with the cleaning job and restoration process.

Fuel Tank Leakage
The old welded patch clearly visible. A poor finished job done previous owner.

Fuel Tank Leakage

Fuel Tank Leakage

JDM Stuff

The owner, Aboyz didn’t wait for long to start collecting JDM Items to fit in for his KE36 Tudor 🙂 Received some parts today and he is jumping excited.

JDM Stuff

KE36 USDM Side Marker

KE36 Google Image Gallery

Check out some others cool KE36 Variant available on the Google Image Search here.

KE36 Goolge Image Search. Click Here


  1. caya lahh ! tudor rupenye patut la aboy sanggup. hahaha

  2. hehhehe…from hand to hand, from aloq star to guar chempedak then from guar chempedak to damansara,,, i follow the story, heheh cher up .. keep up on goin’ n bro.
    May Allah blesh you(owner), He know what has been happened. Thing will be on the right track again.

  3. just wait n see

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