KE70 Custom Brake Servo

This topic touch specifically for owner of KE70 or AE70 Toyota Corolla 1980’s model. The generic brake servo and master pump can’t handle much of today’s road condition and traffic condition. A much convenience thus improve braking stability for the car is by using the available double layer servo mod from another car model.

For the KE70/AE70 servo and master pump assembly, most of the today’s parts can fit nicely into it’s factory made servo stud hole on the firewall.

brake servo hole
The symmetrical stud hole give way for easier mod of the brake servo.

brake servo 01

As you can see at the above picture, a common problem came from the rubber cup inside the brake master pump leaking and causing the brake fluid to leak at the back of it. Air can pass through into the system and making the brake system becoming dodgy. Wear and tear over year make the master pump beyond repair and need to be replace.

Brake fluid leaking from the master pump affect the brake servo rubber sealing inside it and making the servo have an air leak into the system. Usually a wobbly sensation during the brake pedal being pressed.

Have a visit to your local chop shop and look for the Nissan Brand brake servo that comes together with the master pump.

The output brake fluid hose is crucial in choosing the correct master pump.
The ‘Y’ clip from the Nissan Servo does not fit with KE70/AE70 pedal. Replace it with your original clip.
Sadly, you need to make way for the new and big double layer servo to go through. Some body works needed here.
Sadly, you need to make way for the new and big double layer servo to go through. Some body works needed here.

Once all is in place, you can now start the brake bleeding process.

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2 thoughts on “KE70 Custom Brake Servo


    (May 28, 2017 - 7:30 pm)

    Hi can i know which nissan’s brake booster and masterpump is compatible with ke70 GL? And at what price can i get a decent second hand brake booster and brake pump?



      (June 9, 2017 - 12:06 pm)

      Well, as you can see from my post, it is Nissan 2U000 C195T. Look for that number. Another point to look for is to make sure the output of the brake line direction. If you get the wrong one, it wont be able to fit in as it the suspension housing is blocking the brake line output.

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