Kenari Throttle Body Kenari that give us headache

Perodua Kenari has been part of widely sought after during the early launching of it around the year of 2009. Marketed as a friendly compact family car, it does it job very well. Low maintenance, low fuel consumption, less breakdown, easily maneuver, and it cost is reasonable.

Up to the time this article been written, Kenari has reach it’s shelve life and start to show it symptoms. This time around, we received a Kenari with a crazy idling/rpm ups and downs. At the beginning of warming up, it act normal but when the working temperature reached, the engine idling start to puzzle us.

With the said symptom, we could say that the culprit comes from the dirty throttle body. As timeline grow and usage from time-to-time with less maintained carried out by owner, the throttle body are easily be court with oil and dirt thus making the idling become rough.


Above is the sample of how dirty your throttle body can be. On the left side showing TB before cleaning and servicing. On the right side showing how TB looks like once the cleaning took place.

In our case, The Kenari TB has an excessive dirty and sticky oil to it due to wear and tear in the piston rings and caused the gasses leak being channel back into engine via TB.

There are many options on how you should choose to clean it. Some just spraying the TB cleaner into the TB opening without even bother to take the TB out. Some, need to take the TB out just to be sure it is thoroughly cleaned and checking the clogged parts that might occur.




This Kenari is using the standard engine, Daihatsu EJ-VE engine and the TB Idle Air Control valve are different than the others’ EJ series engine. We have to take the TB out from the manifold for further checking and found out that not just it was badly soil with oil substance but the IAC itself was jammed.



Since we have taken out the TB completely, we now dismantle the IAC to service it. Usually a stuck shaft inside it that caused the idling rough.


It is adviseable that you only clean the TB using only recommended cleaning agent or solvent. Avoid using other chemicals to be safe.

We then tuck everything in place, applying a thin layer of gasket glue to the join between TB and intake manifold and we are done.

We have another article posting on how to avoid or at least prolong your Kenari Throttle body lifespan by using a simple modification on it. Check out the posting of ‘Throttle Body Mod’.

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