Mazda UTE making his come back

Mazda 1000 Pickup with his code name, ‘UTE’ are one of the most seek model during the pick-up years back in 1970’s. A small convenient and with an open bed cabin at the back of the front hauling, UTE does makes the owner fulfill the drive to carry more weight in it.


Nicely Stance ~ 


Nicely Stance ~

We received a warm welcome from one of the proud UTE’s owner, Abdul Azim complaining that his UTE cannot be started even there is a cranking sound coming from the starter. Suspected that the fuel was not pumping up from the tank, he changed the electronic fuel pump.

Electric Fuel Pump

We arrived at the scene and did the initial checking onto what caused the problem and found out the fuel hose were broken thus pumping in air bubble instead of fuel into the carburetor. We tighten up the fuel hose and the fuel pumping again. A bit of contact point adjustment done onto the engine, and it did manage to start and run again.

Bring in the UTE to Pomen Yala for further checking and assessments.



Rusted rim


Next Step

According to owner, the UTE will undergo major overhaul onto the front suspension systems. All old bushing need to be replace and re-grease the upper & lower arm of it’s Double Wishbone. He’s also wanted to change the wheel pcd from 118 x 5 lug to –> 114 x 4 lug type wheels.

As for that, we started to loosen the parts off for checking.



5 lug front drum brake housing. Need to make way for a Disc Brake soon.


We’ll be posting more updates on the UTE Project. Stay tune and subsribe!

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3 thoughts on “Mazda UTE making his come back


    (April 1, 2013 - 1:15 am)

    cant wait for next episode…

    Ryan Berg

    (May 13, 2014 - 6:21 am)

    This is probably a long shot, but do you still have the front brake drums and if so, would you be willing to sell one or both? I’m in the US with a ’71 1200 Truck and one of mine is cracked. Can’t find a replacement definitely not on this continent. Any assistance would be appreciated. Please email me back –




      (June 10, 2014 - 8:22 pm)

      Hi Ryan, Sadly, the front drum brakes are long gone now. Sold it to the local scrap yard. Even if we still have it, it wont do any good to you either as the one of the drum are cracked. This is the situation that drove us to change the whole front braking system into a caliper disc brakes.

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