Olskool Mega Gathering “5”

The yearly meet up among fella olskooler also known as Olskool Mega Gathering (OMG) are now back again. This year around, the meet up will be held in Kuala Ibai, Terengganu. Located at the East Coast or Malaysia, it surely will be the best gathering for olskooler with stunning sight seeing.


We at Pomen Yala don’t want to miss out this great event and will participate to carve our name in history too. We’ll be joining the convoy with fella from Proud Olskooler on 13 Sept 2013 at 9PM with our starting point at Kota Damansara.

The event were organized by Olskool.my are the yearly meetup and gathering among retro, classic, olskool car owner all over Malaysia and it’s not only limited to car nor certain makes. A variety of car, van, mpv, motorcycle can be seen during the event and it’s a scene that you won’t have at any other car events. To witness it, you have to come over for your self.


For those whom will be joining us, we have our special goodies for you guys to be brought along the journey, it’s our official Pomen Yala Tee’s. A limited edition t-shirt just for the sake of O.M.G “5”. Get it while it still last.


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