O.M.G 5 in Terengganu

Olskool Mega Gathering or also known as OMG has been held in Kuala Ibai, Terengganu on 15 Sept. 2013. It is an opportunity to us here in Pomen Yala to take part in making our own long distance journey among our members. The event was organized by olskool.my community and it has been a yearly event for olskooler here in Malaysia.

OMG5This is the fifth time OMG were held and it’s definitely a crowd tuner and never failed to attract new comer to come and enjoying the olskool scene here in Malaysia. Estimated over than 600 olskool ride gathered all together from all over the region to have the meet up.

Even thou the OMG  were last for 1 day only, the spirit and passion towards olskool car still heating up inside each and everyone. Packed with not only the participant of OMG, local and non-olskooler also turn up to witness the great event.

For Pomen Yala, we all did enjoyed our ride from the beginning of the journey in Selangor heading to east coast, Terengganu. Sweat and tears along the convoy can’t be tell here.. it’s to be felt.

Check out some of the photos to capture the moment of Pomen Yala’s..

We would like to thank you a million for those who took part in the convoy, participants in OMG5, local crowd and authorities, last but not least a high salute to OMG5 crew for making this OMG5 and exciting experience one will never forget.

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