Parasitic Draw

Have you ever been in a situation where you leave your car off for one day and by the next day you can’t even crank it due to no battery power? If you do experienced it then your ride probably are having parasitic battery draw.

It can happen to any vehicle whether its brand new or olskool ride. The caused of this parasitic battery draw is something were turn ON without you realizing it even after the key was pull out from the ignition and the door was lock.

Just imagine what happen when you leave your car with your headlight were turn ON the whole day. By the time you want to start your engine, nothing pop-ups on the dash, not even indicator light nor a crank sound.

How to check for a parasitic draw? It’s simple! All you need is a multimeter (to measure volts/DC mAMP) and a fully charge car battery. Take off the Negative (-ve) battery pole cable. Tap in the battery negative and the negative cable that run to car chassis. The same method can be applied using a test light. If the bulb light’s on, that’s mean your car is draining your battery flat.

draw test


Let the test light ON while you continue checking for the leakage. Pull each visible fuse that you can see, one-by-one at a time. Be sure to put it back in before you pull another fuse out. Also not to forgot, pull out the relay’s using the same method. Keep on repeating this step for all the fuse box in your car until the test light are OFF. The one that cause the test light to be OFF are the one whom draining your battery flat.

Engine Bay Fuse Box
Under Dash Fuse Box


Driver Kick Panel Fuse Box

After you have taken all the steps and still the light bulb are not OFF, that’s mean something wrong with the wiring itself. And USUALLY the wiring to the Alternator (Charging System). Be sure to check the wiring properly based on your car manufacturer wiring diagram.

A common Alternator Wiring Diagram


Parasitic Draw

We find that the closest example and explanation of the method in video format can be view below as for your references.

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