Reviving Old KE35 Dash Board

Toyota Corolla KE35 or most of us been known it as “Hardtop” are one of the most sought olskool car these days especially for Olskool JDM lovers.

The Corolla E30 was the third generation of cars sold by Toyota under the Corolla nameplate. It was built from August 1974 to July 1981 and marked Toyota’s greatest growth in the United States.

This time around, it isn’t about the car. We are talking about the rare dash that sit inside the car itself. Over time, the surface of the vinyl will crack and the sponge inside it are having bitter to pieces.

Cracked open

Exposed vinyl

In order to restore it back to the exact original state (at least 80% of it) we’ve use the approach of “putty cover” it using fiberglass putty then finish it with more smoother putty on top of it.

It’s pretty badly damage as we can see above. Hole’s everywhere and the sponge inside it has chipping away off. Fiberglass putty is the way to recover the lost space for it.

Sanding off the fiberglass putty for finishing and leveling up the surface. Later, we’ll cover up any small crack and hole with the smoother putty.

Fiberglass Putty
Fiberglass Putty – Bridges holes and rust.

Haven’t got the chance of showing the rest of the job progress as we still in progress of finishing it up. Be sure to leave some comment if you would like to keep track of this post.

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    (November 19, 2012 - 1:12 am)

    wow, rare items!

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