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Nissan Sentra

Sentra with Pulsar Chain

We received a visit from a friend of friends, Abu with his Nissa Sentra GA13 12Valve single cam engine inside. Rattling from a distance, we can hear the knocking sound that usually created by a Diesel engine.

Further checking, the sound were coming from a loose timing chain. The car can’t move no far now as the chaining are rattling all over the place. Need to undergo Timing Chain replacement for this Nissan Sentra.

Sentra GA16
Looking under side of the engine.
Sentra GA16
Single Cam engine powered with Carb System.

Sentra GA16
Electronic Distributor.

Sentra GA16
Clearly stated, GA16 Engine.

Once all of the related components were disamntled, we move on to the heart of the problem, timing chain. To change it, we have to remove the timing chain cover. We found that it’s a bit tricky to open up the timing chain cover at first.

[blockquote]Words of cautious, be sure to take the oil sump off to make your life easy.[/blockquote]
Sentra GA16
Side angle shot.

Sentra GA16
The air-cond and alternator bracket were taken out and tie to a piece of rope to hold it.
Sentra GA16
How dirty it was inside.
Sentra GA16
No choice, but we have to take the exhaust manifold off.


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