Stuck Shaft on RWD Corolla

A couple of friends of mine kept asking me the same question over and over again when it comes to task of replacing their rear wheel bearing for Corolla. One in particular is the RWD Corolla. This task can be a bit tircky when most of the time the housing is taking abuse from the corrosive wall and tend to stuck with the wheel bearings.

How to take out the drive shaft and later can change the wheel bearings when you didn’t have enough tools to take it out? The most common tools to remove the drive shaft from the rear axle are as below:

A puller similar to the image
A puller similar to the image
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You wont be reading this article if you already have the right tools for it. Keep on reading if you want to know how we manage to take it out.

drum brakes
Clear up all the brake shoes assembly.
drum brake
Flip your drum brake housing and nut it to the drive shaft stud.
drum brake
Knock it around bit-by-bit and watch for the movement.
While knocking it up, spray some WD40.
Wheel Bearings
Corroded wheel bearing that make things hard to come off.

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