Talking About Rims OFFSET

When dealing with wheels or rims for your ride, most of the time user or the car owner neglect the important aspect on choosing the correct rims offset.

In every wheels and rims, there are quiet a few numbers and specifications that we need to look on to such as Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD), Centre Bore, Rim Lugs, Size Diameter, Width (jj). We are not going to touch onto that aspect as you can read it here at and Wiki.

[blockquote]For any individual alloy or steel wheel, ET and Offset both have the same meaning and value. The term ET originates from the German word ‘Einpresstiefe’ which translates as ‘insertion depth’.[/blockquote]


Despite of ignoring the rims offset, most of the rims available worldwide are made to accommodate this kind of situation where most of the rims were produce with (+-) of tolerable offset for everyday daily car.

How to find the Offset?

This is the typical question one would ask and left with no answer as most of us don’t even know how to find it. Compare to tire size, the measurement are clearly stated at the tire’s wall. But for the offset, you need to look at the back of the wheels where most of the wheels manufacturer stamp it behind.


Read more on Super Street.

We will show you on how you can find the offset for any rims involve. As what the image  below illustrate, it’s not that hard.

rim offset

To find the offset measurement for a rim, you need to determine the measurement of that particular rim width “A”. Once you have the measurement, the rim width need to be divided by 2 (A/2) and you’ll have the Rim Center “B”. Next, you need to measure the Rim Back Measure Depth “C”. Offset = C – B

Measuring the rim width
Measuring the Rim Back Depth
Measuring the Rim Back Depth

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