The Leaf Spring on Vanette

No doubt it is another great day to start with one of our weekend project and this time it is a Nissan Vanette with the code name of “C20”. As for the rest of 80’s vehicle, all is equipped with leaf spring and to make it more ohseem, it’s time to get it lowered.

At a glance, nothing can be done to this C20. A plain laid back old van ready to hit the ditch. The owner are very determine to make this baby his daily ride and ride in style of course.

Taken out the 17mm bolt that hold the upper arm casing
Lower arm camber holder nut need to be removed. Anti-rust spray would become handy at this point
Front wheel housing are now at free state. Next, need to take the lower arm assembly out.
The 17mm screw and nut for the lower arm that need to be loosen
Be sure to take the 12mm nut off from this assembly in order for the leaf spring rest on normal state first.
…and out come the right-side leaf spring assembly.
The center lock screw (read pros at A1 Locksmith) need to be taken out in order to remove the leaf spring completely.
Repeat the same procedure for the left-side assembly.
The leaf spring. The right image is the ‘springy’ while the left image is the ‘damper’.


For this project purpose as per owner request, we removed the ‘damper’ spring and only installed the ‘springy’ one back to van. The installation is pretty much basic as per removal process. Adjusting to the specific height are carried out with how  much height of the suppressor being put it. We add in 2″ damper for this purpose.

The completed Vanette Suppa lowered.

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