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Weber Carb on Luqman’s KE30

Weber Carburetors are indeed the most significant in those early Retro age racing. Almost all performance auto racing uses Weber as the main tuning for their machine in order to achieve the very best in each laps.

Weber Carburator

Weber is an Italian company which produced carburetors; it is owned by Magneti Marelli Powertrain S.p.A., which is in turn part of the Fiat Group. Carburetor production in Italy ended in 1992, although Weber carburetor production was shifted to Madrid, Spain, where it continues today.

To continue the legacy of Weber, we received a request by Mr. Luqman wanting to install a Weber Carb into his beloved KE30’s Toyota Corolla. We believe it’s a ADF Type Weber carb. Couldn’t even remember the variant of many models and make that have got into Weber productions. If you have the time, first place to start is, recognizing the production code of the Weber.

KE30 Luqman
Toyota Corolla KE30 belong to Mr. Luqman

We have prepared the carb metal base; custom made from a metal plate. He came in around 10PM and expecting things to be at smooth sailing working pace and can head home after 1 hours of installing it. Duh!! That’s a rush of blood to the brain..  Based on our experience, there’s no such thing ‘webering’ your car within just an hour, no way.

Anyhow, letting our fella customer down is not the objective here. We tried our best to accomplished it with the time frame.. and end up warp the job at around 8AM. Phewww.. what a night.

Work in progress
Work in progress
Half of the night gone
Half of the night gone
Full of hopes
Full of hopes
Final touch up and tuning
Final touch up and tuning

Moral of the stories: Never ache for 1 hour ‘Webering’ else you’ll end up hay wire. Pomen Yala ~


  1. naza addin naamal

    fuh..all night long..keen to have those webbering to my 4g32..:)

  2. admin

    welcome to the club. Make sure to come with complete ingrediants and at a right time.

  3. i have a proton iswara car, use 4g13..i would like change to curberator weber…so, where can i get it?

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