Yellow Short Circuit

We received a well dressed Corolla TE72 from a fella member last week. Saying that they have some issue with the wiring error on the car. 

Particularly, the rear tail light are not functioning. Well, as first thought this are caused mainly by a blown fuse. Secondly, it might be the relay malfunctioning or the common error are the old wire were short circuited.

A beauty in a yellow color looks aggressive with the make over facelift, chrome plated side mirror, rare JDM 13 inch wheels sit on a stance, sun roof modded, chromed front and rear bumper, Nardi Classico Steering wheel, and a stand out Skull Gear Knob.


Off to the wiring checking and we are shocked of what we’ve found under the dashboard. A hay wire crossing here and there done by previous wireman..guess so. Jumble up all together, it is the wiring done for the Apexi Timer and Car Alarm System that were not properly done previously has caused the wiring of the tail lamp to be short circuit and causing the driver’s ‘kick panel’ board to burnt.




In order to make things functioning way as what the original wiring diagram shows, the old and burnt driver’s ‘kick panel’ board need to be replace with the working one.


With the new ‘used replacemant’ part arrived, we started to dismantle the thing to check for loosed circuit inside it. Treated it with a can of WD40 spray on it, put it back and off to the next step.


The messed up wiring need to be taken care of. This should not be happen if the previous wireman was not in hurry and take some times to wired it properly.


Jump in for the tools and some relays to get the work done. Instead of just using a ‘wire tape’, we kept it clean with the ‘hot shrink tube’ for the wounded wiring.


In order to make both Tail Light and Dashboard Light to function accordingly, the old 3 Pin Relay need to be replaced.

All was in order when suddenly the alarm are not working. Demm! Off for the alarm wiring checking and found out that the old wire, since it was no properly connected has caused the alarm not to function.

The next error? The engine wont ignite even after we kick in petrol to the carb intake.. Another headache for us. Upon further checking, since the wiring were followed exactly as what the Corolla wiring diagram showed, the Apexi Timer was not connected properly. Off to Apexi Timer wiring.


Oh ya, for those who might want a copy of Toyota Corolla Wiring Diagram, we proudly share it with our reader below. Feel free to save it for future reference.

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